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Key players are investing in Data & AI

As the amount of data in today’s society continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, leveraging it provides a big competitive advantage. SC5 can help you build modern, scalable data platforms and advanced analytics & AI to help you make the most of what data has to offer.

Some of our data & AI customers

Some of the things we can help you with

  1. Data pipelines & warehousing
  2. Data platforms
  3. High volume data processing and transformation
  4. Recommendation & forecasting engines
  5. Adaptive & personalised user interfaces
  6. Computer vision and natural language processing
  7. Analytics & dashboards

Solid expertise

Our Data & AI team is made of AI and data engineering experts, fluent in modern technologies and techniques We’re not only capable of building data solutions — we’re also capable of turning them into top-notch, production-ready smart applications and services.

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