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Key players are investing in Cloud services

We are an AWS Consulting partner. We create cloud native applications, APIs, data solutions that allow you to serve your customers faster, better and more cost-efficiently. We are experts in serverless technologies (e.g. Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB) that provide out-of-the box production grade scalability, security and durability.

We help customers throught their serverless application journey from application strategy and architecture consulting to implementation and maintenance.

Our cloud customers

We bring value to our customers

  1. Invest only on things that matter to your customers
  2. Innovate and develop faster and cheaper to meet your customers needs
  3. Focus on business requirements over technical requirements when bringing solutions for your customers
  4. Minimal upfront investments, maximum transparency to minimize risks
  5. Cloud grade scalability, security and reliability

Solid cloud expertise

We are an AWS Consulting partner and AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB delivery partner with deep expertise on serverless architectures. Our cloud know-how is backed by customer projects and continuous formal AWS training and certifications.

We are a Serverless Framework partner and contributor with experience of complex customer deliveries using the framework.

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