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Tribute to Jyväskylä, City of Lights

In Finland the winters are dark so artificial, energy-efficient lights are needed. Good lighting not only boosts enjoyment and the quality of life, but can be a form of art itself. Jyväskylä is a forerunner in the field of urban lighting.

Lights are controlled by Raspberry Pi running NodeJS server

We SC5ers at Jyväskylä office decided to contribute to City of Light project with our own way. Using spare parts from our office plus some imagination we hacked together “Internet of Things HTML5 remote controlled LED-display”. Now anyone can change the color of our window using their mobile phone. If you happen to live at Jyväskylä, come to Lutakko and see it yourself. Otherwise feel free to change the color at jkl.sc5.io and give us awesome light show!

What it looks like? Here’s a video for you




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