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Student team creates an amazing mobility service concept!

Today a group of five students attending the 2017 Aalto Design project at Aalto University gave out their final presentation at Elisa Oyj premises. They presented a concept called JustaCar. How did that happen?

…with a little help from friends from the cloud world…

Alessandro giving the final presentation 24th May ’17.

Aalto Design project is a Master’s level course spanning whole winter-spring semester. All seven student groups in the course got a company mentor of their own through silly procedures. SC5 was the proud mentor for the team called Disraptors. This group took up the bold challenge of creating a novel mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) concept. They started from a scratch in January and just finished their work by demonstrating bright and shiny clickable prototype.

Auli Rantanen, one of the talented students in our team, got a great audience for a dress rehearsal at SC5 headquarters practicing for the final pitching.

The journey

The course provided students with an exclusive learning opportunity to tackle a realistic challenge in the MaaS domain. The journey started with students being briefed by course corporate partners Elisa and OP about the opportunities and expected development around MaaS. After this, the students had free hands to discover a unique opportunity in the mobility domain.

This, of course, was a hugely challenging brief. More freedom actually means more difficulties and a greater need to constrain your thinking.

Group selfie taken during one of our biweekly mentoring session at SC5 premises.

The course curriculum proceeded along a typical design process. First investigating the domain, following several paths of development and slowly converging towards a single theme, finally going to a very detailed level presenting the concept.

From our perspective, the course well reflected the typical project lifecycle with all its initial mess, confusion and eventual clarity.

How did students perceive collaboration with SC5?

In the beginning, we needed guidance and we received that”, says Niko, one of five students on the project team.  We helped the team to make sense out of sometimes cryptic course assignments. In particular, we were acting as a convergent force trying to steer students towards the direction that would lead to a desirable outcome.

For us, it was rewarding to see how some of our practice-based insights on appropriate design tools and approaches at different stages of the project could be utilized by the students.

Above all, we were extremely delighted with the final outcome of the project. Not only in terms how the concept turned out fresh and clean, but also how the sometimes desperate design project with its uncertainties played out and how proud concept owners the team finally became!

The course was a tough but an instructive exercise for the students. Because our values include sharing and caring, we wanted to provide a bit of unexpected fun for the whole team, including SC5 seniors. So our collaborative adventure concluded at an Escape/Exit room experience, which we solved in a flashing success, unlike 70% of other gamers;-)

Aalto Design project student team and mentors after a successful escape from Space Bound game of Escape Room