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Serverless Workshop with Tietokilta ry

Tietokilta is Aalto University’s student association for computer science students. SC5 is a member of Tietokilta’s TiK Partners program in which we do fun and educational events with companies such as excursions, LANs, workshops and so forth. Once we heard about SC5’s Serveless workshop we definitely wanted to organize one for our guild!

The Serverless workshop was held in Otaniemi in Otakaari 20, above the Otakaari 20 sauna. There was in total 30 computer science students attending the workshop. The event started at 18.00 with a welcome toast from SC5’s Mikael Puittinen and a few glasses of sparkling wine. Then we got down to business.

Everybody had beforehand created an AWS free-tier account and installed the necessary node version, AWS API and SC5’s serverless framework from github. Mikael gave us a short introduction to SC5 as a company as well as what does Serverless mean and why would one choose to go Serverless.

After going through and playing around with AWS:s critical components for Serverless solutions such as Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB we had a fantastic dinner with a few great beers and good wine. After dinner we began playing around with the Serverless framework, with the purpose of creating a serverless blog.


Once most of us had the blog up and running on their AWS accounts, we wrapped up the official part of the workshop and moved downstairs to Otakaari 20 sauna where there was beverages, some small snacks and sauna of course!

We had a great time mingling with the SC5 guys as well as buzzing about the possibilities of Serverless. At around 01.00 we closed the place, cleaned up and headed home.

Thank you SC5 for a great night!

Lauri Telama, Tietokilta

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