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Best resources for aspiring chatbot owners from Paul Walsh

I had the pleasure of attending a keynote and a round table discussion about chatbots, their development, design, frameworks and platforms hosted by Paul Walsh at YLE Beta Media robots day on 1st Sep 2017.

Here are some useful references out of the discussion:


Quartz – remarkable media robot : https://techcrunch.com/2016/02/11/quartzy-news-app/

Swelly – the decision making bot that made app redundant: https://www.swell.wtf/

Botlist.co a huge selection of bot instances: https://botlist.co/

Chatbots showcase from Motion AI : http://bot.store/

Picture: Botanalytics.co


Botkit toolkit for building bots https://www.botkit.ai/

Motion AI platform https://www.motion.ai/

Chatfuel solutions for FB bots https://chatfuel.com/

Bot analytics

Multi-platform bot analytics https://botanalytics.co/

Multiple platform bot analytics https://www.dashbot.io/

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