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Architecting cloud-native data warehouses on AWS

About a month ago, we published our intro to cloud-native data warehousing. As the amount of data generated each day continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, we at SC5 strongly feel that building a data warehouse from the ground up using cloud technologies offers the best performance, flexibility and value for money.

As an Amazon Web Services partner and a software house full of experts who get excited about cloud-native solutions, it’s only natural that our recommended way of implementing a cloud-native data warehouse is to use the best of what AWS has to offer in terms of data ingestion, transformation and storage services: Kinesis, S3, RedShift, Lambda & API gateway, to name but a few. Collectively, they form a base architecture that is easy to extend, modify and tailor to fit practically any use case.

If you want to learn more about these services and our development process for data-heavy projects, take a look at the second PDF in our series by clicking the image below!

Cloud Native Warehouse

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